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PK’s ACTTiVE INDIA PVT LTD is founded on the core belief that service to the country is service to mankind. We are looking for dynamic ex servicemen with a will to contribute to the upliftment of society by grooming young students into harnessing socio-environmental skills that organically ingrains civic sense and humility amongst them. Our objective is to create world class citizens for a world class India in the time to come. We have offers in various capacities with salaries ranging from INR 1 lakh per annum to INR 15 lakh per annum. Our company is in the process of expanding operations to Bengaluru and Kochi soon. We adhere to the policy of ensuring every employee as an asset and not just a commodity. We follow a comprehensive work format that is founded on a structured scheme based on a 40 hour per week, 4-day work schedule. The schedules are availed on the sole discretion of the company’s board against the role offered to designated employees. Retired soldiers with a minimum of 15 years of active service and good computer literacy is mandated for all our positions.