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We are a group of Ex-servicemen on a mission to raise social consciousness amongst young students and organically nurture them into understanding the fact that if there is genuinely anything that needs to be taken care of in the world, it is “Nature”. Nature is the bedrock of human existence and is also the most widely misused, ill-treated and polluted commodity. We aim to bring about a social and environmental change in the premises of educational institutes without the institute or school having to specifically invest their time into the same. We are more than delighted to propagate this “Objective” of bringing a change in the mindset of current generation students, by altering their sense of propriety and responsibility towards the society. Whilst schools and institutes busily shape the academic and personal skills of students, we offer a different vertical in which “Socio-Environmental Engineering” aspects are ingrained into students to understand and adopt “Social Wellbeing” as a necessity that is driven by “Community Participation” and not by government regulations. Towards this, we aim to provide exposure to students about present day environmental challenges, solutions to these challenges, and the use of technology in fructifying those solutions.